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20 Alpha

This drill works your draw, the ability to manage recoil through multiple shots, and the fundamentals of sight alignment, sight picture, trigger control, and follow through.

Side to Side

This drill works your ability to rapidly acquire the target, sight picture and economy of motion. Emphasis is on accuracy.

Turn and Shoot

This drill works economy of motion, your ability to quickly acquire the target, stability of stance/platform, and recoil management.

20 Rounds of Freedom

This drill works your ability to move into a stable position and acquire target quickly; your ability to engage under physical stress with standard two hand, right, and left hand only grips; and finally your speed reload on the move.

F.A.S.T Modified (Fundamentals, Accuracy, Speed Test)

This drill works several critical tasks; your draw stroke, your ability to quickly put multiple rounds, accurately, on target (trigger control, recoil management).

El Pollo Diablo modified

This drill works your ability to transition to multiple targets quickly and accurately, speed/slide lock reloads, single handed firing, and your ability to quickly think and shoot with added tasks of reloads and swapping hands and grip. (target and round count have been modified to accommodate frugal minded shooters however, you may add targets and round count to increase reps and difficulty)

El Presidente Fortified

This drill is a slight modification from the well known El Presidente. The addition of cover adds a level of tactics in addition to marksmanship. This drill works rapid target acquisition, multiple target engagement, recoil management, as well as shooting from cover (right and left side) and speed reload.

Running Reload

This drill is geared more for competition shooters. This drill works reloads in a dynamic situation. It works your ability to move out of and into a stable firing position and quickly acquire the target. It also forces you to mind your muzzle awareness. Consider Comp vs. Tactical and the “180o rule” on all commercial ranges vs. “safe direction” in a real life defensive situation. It also forces you to become intimate with your gear and where/how your mags are situated.

5 Second Pistolero

This drill is works your draw and ability to quickly acquire the target. It works your trigger manipulation and recoil management. Focus on accuracy and keeping your hits inside the A zone. Increase your speed until you throw one out and then dial it back a little.


This drill is works your grip, draw and stance as well as trigger manipulation. This drill will hi-light weaknesses in your grip, weak wrists or lazy stance. Shoot the drill as fast as humanly possible and analyze your shot group. The C zone is lethal but your goal is a tight group no more 6”. The placement of your group is secondary to the tightness of the group. Once you have consistent tight groups shift focus to the accuracy (accuracy is always priority but this drill is focused specifically on managing recoil). You should get the initial sight picture followed by four flash sight pictures followed by your final sight picture checking your work. Key points: Tight grip with both firing and support hands, locked wrists, locked/stable arms, aggressive stance, consistent trigger manipulation.

Pound & Pew

This drill requires a heavy bag or grappling dummy or some other item you can punch and elbow without damaging yourself. It works your ability to draw, aim, fire and manage recoil under physical stress. It’s a good fitness drill and after a few runs can help replicate the stress of physical altercation. The goal is to go 100% at Bart and while exhausted get 5 A zone hits shooting as fast as you possibly can. As always, if you’re not in the A zone, slow down your firing until you can consistently keep your group tight and on target, then speed back up. But ALWAYS go 100% on Bart!

Alternate Positions

This drill works several fundamentals (stable position, sight alignment, trigger control, recoil control). It purposely forces you to move up-range with a loaded firearm (do what your range rules require) but you should be able to confidently move in any direction with a hot firearm. The primary benefit of the drill is moving into and firing accurately from side/prone, kneeling/squatting and standing positions from either shoulder or firing hand. As always start slow, get the hits and then push your speed as accuracy allows.

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