“To promote high standards, professionalism, and responsibility in the Colorado Springs shooting community. From new shooters to seasoned soldiers and officers, we teach passionate people to be safe, efficient, confident, and competent shooters”


Dynamic Pistol Course (8 hours):

  • Pistol Handling, Clearing, Loading, and Unloading
  • Fundamentals of Combat Marksmanship (CMMS)
  • Immediate Action (Malfunctions)
  • Draw
  • Tactical and Speed Reloads (aka. Max Capacity Reload and Emergency Reload)
  • Multiple Target Engagement
  • One Hand Firing
  • Four Timed/Scored Proficiency Evaluations

Dynamic Rifle Course (8 hours):

  • Rifle Handling, Clearing, Loading, and Unloading
  • Fundamentals of Combat Marksmanship
  • Immediate Action (Malfunctions)
  • Tactical and Speed Reloads
  • Multiple Target Engagement
  • Moving and Shooting
  • Alternate Firing Positions
  • Five (5) Scored Proficiency Evaluations

Basic Pistol Handling, Safety, Concealed Carry (6 Hours):

  • Concealed Handgun Permit Application and Laws
  • Firearm and Weapons Related Statutes
  • Universal Rules of Firearm Safety
  • Holster Characteristics
  • Common Carry Positions
  • Pistol Characteristics
  • Ammunition Characteristics
  • Marksmanship Fundamentals
  • Live Fire

Tailored Training:

  • Individuals or Organizations
  • Team Building Exercises and Competition
  • Tactical, Combat Oriented Marksmanship
  • Physical Fitness Integration
  • Specific Skill/Task Improvement

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Concealed Carry Course
17 AUG 2019

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About Us

Our Mission

We are dedicated to absolute professionalism and responsibility in the shooting community. From the new shooter to the seasoned soldier, we teach passionate people to be safer, more competent and confident shooters. We accomplish this with tailored, doctrine based instruction that is delivered by equally passionate firearms professionals.

Our Current Operational Model

We currently offer various programs of instruction at suitable local venues. Pistol courses are normally held at Whistling Pines Gun Club (East). We can travel to other hosting ranges in Colorado Springs and the central Colorado area, with prior coordination. Classes will normally be conducted on Saturdays and/or Sundays. Individual instruction may be conducted on weekday evenings as requested. OSS is fully insured for live fire instruction and training through NRA.

The Magic

OSS offers what others do not, absolute professionalism from initial introductions to training outcomes and in depth analysis of individual needs. Whether teaching a concealed carry class for women or room entry techniques for SWAT teams, our performance based approach will ensure the customer has maximized their individual potential by doing the absolute best with what they have. Our training is doctrine based and inspires confidence reinforcing our customers trust that OSS is the right choice to learn critical skills.


Robert “Edgar” Mills, Owner

Edgar is currently on active duty with 10th Special Forces Group. He has been in the United States Army for over 24 years serving nine years as an Infantryman with the 82nd Airborne Division and from 2004 to current with Special Forces as a Weapons Sergeant, Intelligence Sergeant, and Operations Sergeant. He, like his Infantry and SF brethren, has multiple combat deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan as well as multiple non-combat deployments to several African and European partner nations. While stationed in Tampa, Florida, he was the program lead for the USSOCOM Marksmanship Program where he led the development and execution of weekly and quarterly Combat Marksmanship (CMMS) courses tailored to suit a wide range of skill and experience levels. Under masterful mentorship he was able to sharpen his own marksmanship skill as well as his instructional methods helping to make the USSOCOM CMMS courses highly respected within the Command. He and the team also organized and executed two notable annual events; the “D-Day Shootout” and the “Mogadishu Mile 5K Run and Shoot” to honor the fallen comrades of those two harrowing and heroic events in our nation’s history…

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